The EDJBA has instructed Member Clubs to include game fees in registrations from Summer Season 2019/20. All Member Clubs need to incorporate upfront game fees for the home and away season games as part of each Club’s Summer Season 2019/20 registration payment.

The upfront payment will remove the requirement for team managers to collect weekly game fees of $8.50 per player. There will be minimal cash retained on site at the stadiums, eliminating the risk for venue managers carrying cash to banks or central Club points for weekly banking.

From Summer Season 2019/20, Marcellin Eagles Basketball Club will be charging game fees fully upfront with the registration fee. Game fees (excluding finals) will be included in your registration fee. Allowances for non-attendance have been factored into the upfront fee. All MEBC registrations are processed online. To register online go to:

Approximately 70% of teams play semi-finals, 40% play preliminary finals, 40% play grand finals. Therefore, teams will play an average of 1.5 finals games. Consensus of the EDJBA Committee was that finals remain separate and Member Clubs maintain a team sheet payment form for each venue and door entry fees.

Marcellin Eagles Basketball Club is a family oriented club. We’re committed to ensuring our young players have the opportunity to pursue basketball for fun and development at every level. If you have any questions or concerns about this new payment structure, please contact us directly via:

Simon Friars, President
mobile: 0437 849 552

Refunds less $25.00 administration fee will be treated on a case-by-case basis. A medical certificate may be required.

Payment is not for a specific number of games, so the number of games played by a team will vary. The EDJBA has committed to ensuring even numbers of teams in each grade level
to avoid the use of byes.

There would still be a walkover fine to discourage walkovers, and encourage Clubs to ensure a game takes place. The Club receiving the walkover would receive the walkover fine. The Club would then consider whether they refund or credit the team (or individual members) that have been subject to the walkover.

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